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What if stranded wind energy could be stored as renewable gas

and used in power production, transportation, and heating applications?

Learn more about power-to-gas energy storage...

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What if the power of biology could be

harnessed to solve the energy storage challenge?

Learn more about the BioCat technology...

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What if the existing natural gas infrastructure

could be used to store wind and solar energy?

Learn more about the benefits of power-to-gas energy storage...

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What if carbon dioxide could be the feedstock

of a new industry instead of a driver of climate change?

Learn more about the BioCat Project...

About the BioCat Project

The overall objective of the BioCat Project is to design, engineer, construct and test a commercial-scale power-to-gas facility at a wastewater treatment plant in Denmark and demonstrate its capability to provide energy storage services to the Danish energy system.

Power-to-Gas (P2G)

P2G is an innovative approach to energy storage. By converting electrical energy to chemical energy in the form of methane, the vast existing natural gas infrastructure can be leveraged for storage and transportation of renewable energy.

BioCat Partners

The project is funded by EUDP, and the consortium consists of 7 companies from 3 different countries. As leaders in the fields of energy storage and renew-able fuels, they will demonstrate the technical and economic potential of a cutting-edge energy storage technology.
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The partners

  • Electrochaea is the world's leading developer of biological methanation solutions and acts as the BioCat Project Supervisor. Read more
  • Hydrogenics is a world leader in the development and manufacture of hydrogen production systems and fuel cells. Read more
  • Audi is one of the world's largest manufacturers and distributors of premium cars and a pioneer in the promotion of sustainable mobility solutions. Read more
  • NEAS Energy is one of Denmark's largest energy traders and balance responsible parties (BRPs). Read more
  • HMN Gashandel is one of Denmark's largest energy production, distribution and services companies and a pioneer in the promotion of biomethane-to-grid projects. Read more
  • BIOFOS is Denmark's largest operator of wastewater treatment facilities, servicing 1.2 million people in the greater Copenhagen area. Read more
  • Insero offers new solutions, projects and education within the energy and IT sector. Insero also offers a wide variety of services such as project management, information dissemination and administrative project services. Read more