Electrochaea GmbH is a venture capital funded, dynamic early stage company with headquarters, engineering and development teams in Munich, Germany, and a Danish subsidiary, Electrochaea.dk ApS.

In 2014, Electrochaea received funding from Energinet.dk to design, build and operate the BioCat Project: A 1-MW commercial-scale field trial at a wastewater treatment plant outside Copenhagen, Denmark, in order to develop environmentally friendly forms of energy and power. This project is operated by Electrochaea and its BioCat project partners Hydrogenics, Audi, HMN Gashandel, NEAS Energy and BIOFOS. The BioCat Project began commissioning in early 2016 and provides an operating demonstration plant for Electrochaea and its partners. The project will generate revenues from the sale of renewable natural gas in Denmark, and help to decarbonize the Danish gas grid. We will achieve market entry with a commercial product in 2016.

Electrochaea provides engineering services and its proprietary biological catalyst for methanation systems, for production and storage of renewable gas, and electrical power for BioCat and other projects.


Electrochaea.dk ApS

Address: Chr. M. Østergaards Vej 4A, 8700 Horsens, Denmark
Mail: biocat@electrochaea.com
Web: www.electrochaea.com
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